23rd September 2011 21:15
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23rd September 2011 20:42
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Appreciating Martin Freeman’s face, day 2. 

21st September 2011 17:19
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17th September 2011 0:49
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  • "The people you work with are just people you're thrown together with. I mean, you don't know them, it wasn't your choice, and yet you spend more time with them than you do your friends or your family, but probably all you've got in common is the fact that you walk around on the same bit of carpet for eight hours a day. And so, obviously, when someone comes in who you have a connection with, yeah. And Dawn was a ray of sunshine in my life, and it meant a lot, but if I'm really being honest, I really never thought it would have a happy ending.
  • I don't know what a happy ending is. Life isn't about endings, is it? It's a series of moments and it's like, y'know, if you turn the camera off, it's not an ending, is it? I'm still here, my life is not over. Come back in ten years, see how I'm doing then, cause I could be married with kids, you don't know. Life just goes on. "
  • - Tim Canterbury (Martin Freeman), The Office UK
15th September 2011 20:55
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14th September 2011 22:41
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12th September 2011 17:25
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Some show Martin Freeman was in. My sister told me to watch it. It had something to do with paper, I think. And self-awareness, self-actualisation, hope, ambition, dignity, love, change, redemption, hidden dildos, gelatinous staplers, musical hats, Scotch eggs and interpretive dance - and the comic and/or tragic lack, loss or fear of any or all of the above. 

 It was pretty good. 

11th September 2011 16:30
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9th September 2011 18:01
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Gareth: What is that? right that is it!
David: Slow down your moving to fast, what’s going on?
Gareth: He’s put my stapler inside a jelly again, that’s the third time he’s done it, it wasn’t even funny the first time.
David: Why has he done that?
Gareth: I told him once I don’t like jelly, I don’t trust the way it moves
David: Yeah you admit to a weakness he pounces, you should know about that
Gareth: what is in there?
David: It’s my stapler [pulling stapler out of jelly]
David: well don’t do that! eat it out, there are people starving in the world, which I hate and it’s a waste, how do you know it’s yours?
Gareth: It’s got my name on it in tippex
David: well don’t eat it now chemicals
Gareth: [pointing to Ricky] you can be my witness, give him an official warning.
Tim: [eating jelly] how do you know it was me?
Gareth: It’s always you, can’t you discipline him
David: Ooh kinky, no the thing about practical jokes is that you know when to stop as well as start, and know is the time to stop putting Gareth’s personal possessions in jelly.
Tim: Gareth it’s only a trifling matter.

9th September 2011 16:57
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